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    The surgical mask made up of three non-woven layers: the centerpiece of respiratory asepsis


    Whether or not we have a respiratory tract infection, we emit by speaking, singing, coughing, and sneezing an invisible aerosol of microdroplets, the diameter of which is between 5 and 150 microns. When, in addition, our respiratory mucosa excretes infectious microorganisms, these are the microdroplets that transport them. This aerosol is emitted mainly through the mouth, but also a little through the nose. Woven textiles have meshes that are much too wide to effectively filter microdroplets: it is quite clear that an aseptic mask is today a device made up of three layers of non-woven textiles and which covers the nose and mouth.


    Thus, the standard surgical mask, which has been used in operating rooms for several decades, with its three non-woven layers made of synthetic fibers, often made of polypropylene (the inner layer is the filter medium), is in principle capable of retaining particles with a diameter greater than or equal to 3 microns. When properly worn, it constitutes an effective aseptic barrier vis-à-vis infectious microorganisms that are constantly emitted by speech, shouting, and coughing; it is essential protection against the operating wound and sterile instruments. Finding the best KN95 masks for sale online is a combination of looking at the vendor reputation and security certifications.


    The surgical mask, therefore, has an “anti-projection” function: to say that it is an aseptic barrier is to say that it protects people and the inert elements that are in front of the person wearing it. It still has to be well adjusted on the face. This surgical mask is a collective protection device.


    So it is wise to say that KN95 masks for sale is one of the most important preventive measures by far, in the case of an epidemic of viral respiratory infections, such as that of SARS-CoV-2. On its own, if it was of suitable quality and worn properly, the mask could perfectly stem a respiratory epidemic, at least as long as the infectious agent is not transported by airborne microparticles.

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